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Hotels and hotel chains all over the world are looking for ways to receive more direct bookings and to save on commission payments. is the solution. As an independent company, we are giving hotels and hotel chains the opportunity to convert previous “commissionable bookers” into "direct bookers", which are commission free and saving hotels between 12% and 35% on each booking. At all guests book directly with the hotel and therefore it is in the hotels best interest to offer an incentive for guests to do so. Hotels offer a best price match with their OTAs or even offering a lower price, better package or a free upgrade when guests book directly. Direct booking is on the rise and saves hotels thousands of dollars. is the tool to get guests back to book directly, to increase word of mouth worldwide of the advantages to book direct, and to offer one name and one website to remember. Do your part and save bottom line more and more every year.

Key Benefits

    ✔ No Commission Payments - No Booking Fees - Hotels Keep 100% of Their Revenue!

    ✔ Get Direct Bookings through Your Website, No Additional Administration.

    ✔ No Sharing of Your Guests Information.

    ✔ Worldwide Platform to Increase Direct Bookings.

How it works: designs your introduction page and brings guests directly to your website where they book. The introduction page can be updated any time free of charge.

Our Team constantly promotes direct bookings for all listed hotels through our website, through Social Media, through building Word Of Mouth, through Special Direct Booking Offers, Best Rates for Direct Bookers, Free Upgrades for Direct Bookers, through worldwide link exchanges, smart partnerships, building an international brand and much more.

The Seal certifies your hotel to provide the best price when booking directly with your hotel. Therefore, guests are more likely to book now on your website instead of leaving your page to compare prices. Become a certified hotel and place the Hobodi Seal to increase direct bookings through your own website.

The popularity is growing every day and hotels are getting continuously more direct bookings through their own website. Reach a wide international audience of direct bookers, enjoy international marketing activities, additional social media and receive more direct bookings. Spread the word of mouth to other hoteliers and your guests, it will save you money.

Join now, no commission, just US$1 PER DAY (US$365/year) for your entire hotel.
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