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Hotels and hotel chains all over the world looking for ways to receive more direct bookings and to save on commission payments every day. is the solution. As an independent non-biased company, we are giving hotels and hotel chains the opportunity to convert previous “commissionable bookers” into "direct bookers" (which are commission free). At, hotels are offering the best price for direct bookers and enhance it through the seal.

Key Benefits

    ✔ No Commission Payments - No Booking Fees - No Administrative Costs - Keep 100% of Your Revenue!

    ✔ Get Direct Bookings straight through Your Website, by email or by phone. You decide.

    ✔ Safer for Your Guests to book - No Collection of Your Guests Data by third parties - Build Guest Loyalty!

How it works: designs your introduction page with links directly to your website and your existing reservation page. All bookings will be done on your own website. The introduction page can be updated any time free of charge.

In addition, our team is promoting your hotel through our website, through our newsletter with over 25,000 subscribers, through worldwide email campaigns, through Social Media, through Word Of Mouth, through Best Rate on the hotel’s own website, and through our global traffic generating link exchange program for direct bookings.

The Seal lets guests know they do not need to look any further to get the best price. Therefore, guests are more likely to book now instead of leaving your page to compare prices.

Build loyal customers for your hotel or your brand instead of building OTAs’ customer loyalty by providing discounted rates for them and paying in addition commission on those rates for every single booking.

The popularity of is growing every day and hotels are getting continuously more bookings on their website. Reach a wide international audience of direct bookers, enjoy international marketing activities and receive more direct bookings.

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