About us

HotelBookingsDirect.com is an independent international hotel booking site. Find five star luxury hotels, clean middle class hotels or budget hotels that fit your wallet. We are not favoring any hotel chain or independent hotel. Our site provides unbeatable benefits for guests through upfront special offer viewing, getting forwarded automatically to the hotel's own website and find best rates, because the hotel doesn't need to pay a third party provider.


Guest advantages

   ✔ No middleman.

   ✔ Reservation directly with the hotel.

   ✔ All important links on one page. To the real hotel website, reservation, special offer and hotel video.

   ✔ True and up-to-date information, because we forward you directly to the hotel's own website with Best-Price-Guarantee certification.

   ✔ Best value, because THE HOTEL guarantees you the best price on their own website by presenting the Hobodi.com Best-Price-Guarantee Seal

   ✔ Hotel Bookings Direct does not collect your private data.

   ✔ Be one of the guests the hotels like most. You get the lowest rate and you still make the hotel the most profit.

Please feel free to RECOMMEND A HOTEL you would like to see on our website and you might receive US$10.